Compliance Operations & Management

Designated Compliance Officer

Designated Compliance Officer (DCO):  This is the heart and soul of our outsourced compliance program and is driven by the following main factors: (1) the federal government mandates most healthcare organizations have a Compliance Program, including a Compliance Officer; and (2) the enormous expense associated with Compliance Program establishment and management.  Organizations are able to defray some of this cost by placing an external compliance professional under retainer.  The organization handles routine program management, through an existing employee, while the program is implemented and managed by the outside professional.   

Annual Compliance Review

Annual Compliance Review:  Internal audits and work plans are necessary components of a robust and real compliance program.  At least yearly, the organization should undertake a comprehensive internal audit to identify and assess organizational compliance risk.   Once identified, compliance risk must be prioritized and an annual work plan should be developed to address that risk, mitigate possible damage and correct deficiencies.   Organization compliance deviations that place the organization in immediate jeopardy should be referred to a formal risk mitigation program.  This is a complicated process that can only be performed by skilled compliance professionals who understand risk identification and remediation.  

Internal Investigations

Internal Investigations:   An organization will encounter allegations of violations of policy, procedure, rules of law, federal and state regulations, etc.  Upon notification, the organization should take immediate steps to investigate that accusation, assess its validity and, most importantly, assess the risk it presents to the organization.  A professional trained in investigation, document review, interviewing and risk analysis should conduct these internal investigations 

Risk Mitigation & Damage Remediation

Risk Mitigation & Damage Remediation:  We provide risk mitigation and damage remediation services to those organizations that have uncovered serious organizational compliance risk.  Our team of legal, compliance and risk professionals are skilled enough to assess the current risk situation, advising as to steps that are advisable and steps that should not be taken - all with risk mitigation and damage remediation in mind. 

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